Privacy regulations

To give you the best user experience Dizizid uses the following privacy regulations

Account creation (registration)

Your personal information will not be exposed to anyone when you do a registration. Only when registering for an event (online ticket, reservation or guest list) you can choose to be contacted for a specific time period (by email and/or sms).

Event registration

Personal communication information will not be exposed if you agree to be informed by an organizer for a specific period of time by registering for an event (online ticket, reservation or guest list).

Organizers can keep you informed through the Dizizid system without having access to your contact details. Your email address and mobile phone number are not visible. After the agreed information period has expired, access to your information and the possibility to contact you is automatically revoked.

Only if you explicitly agree to make your contact information visible to an organizer this information will be visible and the organizer is able to contact you through other means besides the Dizizid service!

Facebook permissions

The Dizizid service may ask for some Facebook permissions allowing it to perform actions with the logged in Facebook account. The information that is retrieved is solely used for validation. No personal information will be stored from the logged Facebook account. For more information about the following permissions, refer to the Facebook permissions documentation and to theFacebook privacy policy. The permissions asked are the following:

Basic information

By default, this includes certain User’s Data such as id, name, picture, gender, and their locale. Certain connections of the User, such as the Friends, are also available. If the User has made more of their Data public, more information will be available

Publish actions

Provides access to publish Posts, Open Graph actions, achievements, scores and other activity on behalf of a person using your app. This is only used for sharing an event page of the event you are buying a ticket for.

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